Monday, January 30, 2017

Robotics: Dash & Dot at Gold Rush Elementary

In January, students continued their programming learning using our new robots Dash & Dot. Kindergarteners and first graders began by coding classroom peer robots on Twister Game Boards. This allowed students to experience the different commands they will use with robots, such as move forward, move backward, turn left, and turn right. 

Students then created "playgrounds" for Dash with their legs as they explored all the different programming features using the apps Go, Path, & Blockly.

In each grade level after an exploration day with the robots, students used Dash within different math lessons. Pictured below are third graders charged with the following task.

Program Dash is travel the perimeter of a quadrilateral who's perimeter is 160 cm. Dash can only move in multiples of 10. Students drew their quadrilaterals on paper, then measured their quadrilaterals and mapped them out with masking tape, then programmed Dash to travel the perimeter of the shape. When students finished they were asked to see if there was another quadrilateral that would fit the rules.