Friday, February 17, 2017

Robotics, Mathematics, Problem Solving, & Authentic Collaboration

Third Graders took their learning about area and perimeter to a whole new level! They solved different tasks related to area and perimeter. In the videos below you can see how two groups tackled the first task. They chose a perimeter and had to build different polygons that had dimensions that would add up to their self selected perimeter. Once they planned their polygons with tape they programmed Dash to travel along the perimeter. 

Second Graders played Capture the Kingdom with Dash robots. On first look, you would think partners were simply collecting cards by programming Dash. However, the collaboration with a partner to plan out the programming algorithm to capture specific cards was simply incredible. In addition to knowing where their Dash was going, they also had to keep an eye on their opponents Dash. If the robots collided on the game board, teams would lose cards.