Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Robotics Curriculum Connections

This month in the STEAM Lab fourth graders explored the xylophone app with Dash. Students had so much fun trying to identify the tune Dash was playing and composing their own music for Dash to play. In addition to composing music, students programmed Dash to move to the beats they created. 


Second graders were using critical thinking as they picked a perimeter and designed multiple polygons with that perimeter. Once they planned out their polygons with whiteboards, they mapped their polygons with tape. HUGE learning happened with the tape! Students realized that sometimes they have to modify the angles of shapes in order to make their sides connect. After they had the tape map placed students programmed Dash to travel along their polygons. My favorite part of this lesson is after all the incredible critical thinking, and problem solving, the biggest challenge was wait, "Which way is left? Is it my left or Dash's left?" 
Remembering your left side from your right side can be so tricky!