Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Robotics Curriculum Connections

This month in the STEAM Lab fourth graders explored the xylophone app with Dash. Students had so much fun trying to identify the tune Dash was playing and composing their own music for Dash to play. In addition to composing music, students programmed Dash to move to the beats they created. 



Second graders were using critical thinking as they picked a perimeter and designed multiple polygons with that perimeter. Once they planned out their polygons with whiteboards, they mapped their polygons with tape. HUGE learning happened with the tape! Students realized that sometimes they have to modify the angles of shapes in order to make their sides connect. After they had the tape map placed students programmed Dash to travel along their polygons. My favorite part of this lesson is after all the incredible critical thinking, and problem solving, the biggest challenge was wait, "Which way is left? Is it my left or Dash's left?" 
Remembering your left side from your right side can be so tricky! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Robotics, Mathematics, Problem Solving, & Authentic Collaboration

Third Graders took their learning about area and perimeter to a whole new level! They solved different tasks related to area and perimeter. In the videos below you can see how two groups tackled the first task. They chose a perimeter and had to build different polygons that had dimensions that would add up to their self selected perimeter. Once they planned their polygons with tape they programmed Dash to travel along the perimeter. 


Second Graders played Capture the Kingdom with Dash robots. On first look, you would think partners were simply collecting cards by programming Dash. However, the collaboration with a partner to plan out the programming algorithm to capture specific cards was simply incredible. In addition to knowing where their Dash was going, they also had to keep an eye on their opponents Dash. If the robots collided on the game board, teams would lose cards. 


Monday, January 30, 2017

Robotics: Dash & Dot at Gold Rush Elementary

In January, students continued their programming learning using our new robots Dash & Dot. Kindergarteners and first graders began by coding classroom peer robots on Twister Game Boards. This allowed students to experience the different commands they will use with robots, such as move forward, move backward, turn left, and turn right. 

Students then created "playgrounds" for Dash with their legs as they explored all the different programming features using the apps Go, Path, & Blockly.

In each grade level after an exploration day with the robots, students used Dash within different math lessons. Pictured below are third graders charged with the following task.

Program Dash is travel the perimeter of a quadrilateral who's perimeter is 160 cm. Dash can only move in multiples of 10. Students drew their quadrilaterals on paper, then measured their quadrilaterals and mapped them out with masking tape, then programmed Dash to travel the perimeter of the shape. When students finished they were asked to see if there was another quadrilateral that would fit the rules. 

Hour of Code at Gold Rush Elementary

In December all students participated in Hour of Code activities. Click here for specific programming activities students explored. All students used Block Programming within their activity of choice. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome Back to School!!

Dear families of Gold Rush Elementary!

I am so excited to kick off another school year at Gold Rush Elementary! Exciting things are happening with technology at Gold Rush! This year there will be digital devices in each classroom for students to use. Primary students will have iPads and intermediate kids will have a combination of Chromebooks and Mac Laptops.

I can't wait to see the digital adventures students will take throughout this year!
Mrs. Fleet

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hour of Code is back at Gold Rush Elementary! 

Next week Gold Rush students will join millions of students across the world as they explore various computer programming resources. Each student will be thinking critically and problem solving as they practice coding with Angry Birds, MineCraft, Star Wars, and other engaging programs. For more information explore https://code.org/ or email Mrs. Fleet. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello Gold Rush Friends!

This is Mrs. Fleet checking in on each of you! I hope that you are loving your digital adventures and that you are being great for Ms. Nolan & Mrs. Emmons. I wanted to introduce you to Crosby Thomas Fleet. He was born on July 12th at 9:26 am. He is such a great little boy and he can't wait to visit all of his friends at Gold Rush! 

I've included a few pictures for you so you know we are thinking of you! I can't wait to see all of you when I return!

 Crosby taking a little nap on Mrs. Fleet. He says, "It's hard work being a baby!"

 Crosby says, "See you soon Gold Rush friends!"

Keep making me proud GRE digital citizens!
Mrs. Fleet